Ros and Iain’s wedding Seamill Hydro

Ros and Iain live down South but came back up to Scotland to have their wedding ceremony at one of my favourite churches, Symington Parish Church, it is absolutely beautiful.  Their wedding reception at Seamill Hydro was bound to run smoothly with such pleasant co-ordinators there, nothing is ever a problem. We met up with the girls as they were getting ready, lots of laughing and all very relaxed.  I am sorry I have not put a photograph of Ros’s famous white wellies which she had bought so we could go on the beach later, but I can assure you we took


Donna & Craig, Seamill Hydro

Craig and the boys turned up nice and early for us so we could get some great shots of them before the guests arrived.  After the service Craig and Donna went on to there wedding reception at Seamill Hydro Hotel.  We really had a great time taking their photographs and we hope they had a great honeymoon.


Elaine & Gavin’s Wedding Seamill Hydro, 8th June 08

Elaine and Gavin’s wedding really was full of laughter from start to finish.  I don’t know about their cheeks hurting with smiling but ours certainly were.  The whole wedding took place at Seamill Hydro and ran beautifully, they did have a drive in the sunshine to Portencross where we got some lovely photographs.  So thanks for booking us and letting us be part of such a fun day.  

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