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It is not always easy being a Wedding Photographer in Scotland.  On the morning of Suzanne and Colin’s wedding we went to Suzanne’s mums house and as I stood talking to Suzanne’s mum she said she was worried that everything would not run smoothly and I reassured her that even if they did not that it would not spoil their day and that they would talk about it afterwards! 

The Wedding Ceremony was late because the organist was nearly half an hour late and there were road works on the way from the church to the Lochside House Hotel so everyone set off with their directions to avoid it but on the way there was an accident and everyone got diverted back towards the road works.  We all arrived after lots of detours down country lanes.  Needless to say things ran a little bit late but I am positive Suzanne and Colin’s wonderful day was not spoilt and that they would say themselves that they have laughed about it since.

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