Cherubs Club Baby Photography

We have been photographing babies now for over 10 years, Cherubs Club is a very popular promotion that is fantastic for capturing those huge changes that take place in your babies first year.

You are invited along for 3 shoots over 18 months, we do recommend the first one before 6 months so ideally when your baby is not sitting up on their own, we have baby supports and recliners.  The second shoot is ideally sitting or crawling and by the 3rd they are on their feet!  It happens so quickly and time just seems to dissappear when you have a tiny baby to look after.

The whole promotion is only £59 and you can choose your favorite image from each shoot, this is available as a voucher and makes a great Baby Gift.

To book your baby’s first shoot or to buy a voucher just call us 01294 673802 or e-mail

Baby Photographer Ayrshire
Baby 1st Photoshoot funny face photo
Ayrshire Baby Photographer
2nd Baby Photoshoot crawling baby Ayrshire
Baby Photographer Ayrshire and Glasgow
3rd Toddler Photoshoot with tigger and goofy
Baby Photographer Ayrshire and Glasgow
Ayrshire Toddler and Teddy Fun Photoshoot


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