MPA Scotland Awards 2010

MPA SCOTLAND CHERUB PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2010 The Scottish Region Master Photographers Association annual competition was held at Dunblane Hydro this year and the results are in.  The competition was very stiff this year and for that reason we were over the moon to win 10 Awards, so here are some of the winning images and thanks to everyone in them for helping us achieve this.  Award of Excellence – Complete Wedding 2010 (10 image from one wedding) Award of Merit Cherubs 2010 Award of Merit Cherubs 2010 Award of Merit Contemporary Wedding Award of Merit Reportage Wedding Award of
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Janice Marshall Dance Show 2010

We have been photographing Janice Marshall’s dance show at the Magnum Theatre in Irvine for a few years now.  We took the photographs at the dress rehearsals on the Monday and Tuesday night and after very little sleep had them printed and on the wall at each of the shows over the following 5 days.  We have watched some of the children go from very small and so cute to mature dancers.  Janice has a lot of high achievers in her school and this year was no exception, so for some it was their last year and they were moving
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Music Video shoot at the Blair Estate

We are really lucky to be part of the Bridge Church a lively, encouraging and talent filled Church.  Tom had a wonderful opportunity to work with a couple of guys from there Struan Adam and Scott Nicol.  Scott was looking to do a promotional video of one of his new songs and Tom went along to the Blair Estate where they had been given the opportunity to film the video.  He got some great stills and Scott has kindly given us permission to use his music for our slide-show, so here are a couple of shots and a slide-show I really hope
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Pamela & Kenneth’s Wedding, Gailes Hotel, Irvine

Pamela & Kenny had a fantastic day at the Gailes Hotel for their wedding.  We arrived nice and early and stayed with them right through until the dance at night.  While the band set up Pamela and Kenny were keen to go to the beach and Tom got some great shots in just 10 minutes.
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Ayrshire Portrait Photographer

I hope you all like this image of Kathleen and her grandchildren. Kathleen is having a lovely big frame of this for her wall. We had a lovely time picking this and Kathleen told me that the jacket she is wearing is her mothers and has a little Angel pin on it so it is very sentimental and normally she has to wear a …leg brace and took it off for this photograph. She had not noticed what the children where doing because she was so busy concentrating on keeping her balance. I hope you all agree it is beautiful.
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Pre-wedding shoot Boat House, Cameron House, Emma & Iain

Tom met up with Emma and Iain at the Boat House at Cameron House on the beautiful shore of Loch Lomond to have a walk round and get some ideas for their wedding later this month.  They had great fun and got to know each other a bit more so that when Tom turns up on the day they are not going to worrying about “the photographer”.   
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Executive Portraits, Medenta Finance Ltd, Ayrshire

Tom had great fun recently at Medenta Finance in Irvine when he was asked to take their Executive Portraits.  What he actually told me was that he had a great laugh that there were some real characters and it would be great to work in such a relax, pleasant atmosphere.  Here are a few that I think they thought would not be seen!
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