Brig O Doon Wedding Photographer

Lauren & Tommy/Brig ‘O’ Doon Wedding/ Wedding Photographer Brig ‘O’Doon

Lauren & Tommy had a very romantic day and had their actual wedding ceremony on the Brig O Doon Bridge itself, this was the first one we have ever heard of and felt very lucky to be part of their day.  The day was gorgeous with fabulous sunshine so it could  not have been planned better.  They went from the Brig up to the Burns Monument to sign the official documents, we got some lovely photos in the sun before they headed into the Brig O Doon for their wedding banquet. Brig O Doon Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographer Ayrshire Brig O Doon


Catherine & David, Wedding Brig O Doon Alloway

Catherine and David had their whole wedding at Brig O Doon House Hotel in Alloway.  There were scattered showers in the morning but by the time Catherine walked down the staircase into the beautiful main room in Brig O Doon the sun was shining and it stayed out for the rest of the day.  We went straight from the ceremony down to the gardens and managed to get a big group shot of all the guests at the wedding, timings were very tight but luckily now Jane is back running Brig O Doon she helped us keep things on time


Jamie & Brian, Wedding Brig O Doon House Hotel

Jamie and Brian’s day started with lots of weather – it was pouring down when we arrived at Jamie’s parents house but by the time we got to the church it was dry but still very windy.  After a lovely service at the Old Parish Church in Troon everyone headed for the reception for the wedding at Brig O Doon House Hotel in Alloway, one of the most popular venues in South Ayrshire.  The sun had managed to make an appearance just in time so all the guests could go out and enjoy the beautiful gardens and grounds of the Hotel. 


Alloway Parish Church & Brig’o’doon House Hotel Wedding

Lindsay & Steven’s Wedding Brig ‘O’ Doon, Alloway Lindsay who used to play football for the Scottish ladies team had to tackle the traffic to get to the church, there was a huge traffic jam that morning on the Ayr by-pass.  They had a glorious sunny day so after their wedding service in the really pretty Alloway Parish Church they walked lead by Billy on the bagpipes to Brig’o’doon House Hotel.  We were able to use the fantastic landscaped grounds of the Hotel for the photographs but did of course also walk to the Brig.  . Wedding Photographer Brig’O’Doon House

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