Ayrshire Photographer, Mum and Toddler photograph

Mum and Toddler Photographs, Ayrshire Photographer

When we have mums and their toddlers in for photographs I can’t tell you how often I have heard “I don’t like photographs of me”. I can tell you I said the same and when these were taken I can also guarantee I said look at those lines, etc but these are now 8 years old and I think I look great now!!!! I had forgotten these had even been taken and am so glad they had been. We are all far too critical of ourselves and life really is too short. I hope I can encourage more parents to


Stephen’s 60th birthday party

I will be getting some more wedding photographs on line very soon but last weekend we were at Carolyn and Colin’s wedding at Seamill Hydro when Carolyn’s dad asked us to take a photograph of him with his brothers and sisters as it is his 60th this week, so here they are.  We would like to say happy birthday to Stephen we hope you have a great day and that there will be lots of great surprises for you. 


Lorraine’s 50th Party

Very hard to believe but Lorraine is now 50 and doesn’t look a day over 21!  It was a great night who could ask for more a Ceilidh Band (Hell for Leather), Stovies, Haggis, Tablet, Birthday cake and lets not forget the champagne.  Hope you had a great time Lorraine with all your family and friends.

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