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Cherubs Club Baby Photography We have been photographing babies now for over 10 years, Cherubs Club is a very popular promotion that is fantastic for capturing those huge changes that take place in your babies first year. You are invited along for 3 shoots over 18 months, we do recommend the first one before 6 months so ideally when your baby is not sitting up on their own, we have baby supports and recliners.  The second shoot is ideally sitting or crawling and by the 3rd they are on their feet!  It happens so quickly and time just seems to dissappear


Ayrshire Baby Photographers

Cherubs Club Baby Photographs I love that we are not just someones Wedding Photographer that they come back to us with their babies, Lorna & James booked us to photograph their Wedding and a couple of years on it has been a great pleasure to meet their little boy when they brought him in for our Cherubs Club Baby Photography.   I adore this image that they chose to be a lovely big framed print for their wall, this was taken at the last of three Portrait Shoots over 18 months.   Ayrshire Baby Photographer cute baby photograph Baby Photographer

Baby Photographer Ayrshire - cherubs baby promotion 3 photographs of a baby girl

Ayrshire Baby Photographer – Cherubs Baby Promotion

MPA Cherubs Baby Photographer Ayrshire Cherubs is a great Baby Photography Promotion we have been running for a long time now and we really have photographed hundreds of babies over that time.  Being parents ourselves we know that the changes over that first 18 months are huge and the time flies by. How it works, we will do 3 shoots over 18 months starting with the first one at approximately 4-6months.  You pick your favorite image from each shoot and at the end you will receive a folio with your favorite 3 images.  Here are a couple of examples of

Beautiful Baby Photograph by Ayrshire Baby Photographer Tom Gibson

Beautiful Baby Portraits – Baby Photographer Ayrshire

Just thought I would share this very cute image with you, from the last shoot we did for Caroline White this is from the second of three shoots we are doing for her gorgeous little girl. Beautiful Baby Photograph by Ayrshire Baby Photographer Tom Gibson Ayrshire Baby Photographer  

Baby Photographer Ayrshire

Ayrshire Baby Photographer

MPA Cherubs Baby Photographer Ayrshire Scotland The MPA Cherubs Baby Photography promotion is as popular as ever, the rules have changed slightly over the last year.  We used to have to complete the 3 shoots over 12 months but that has now been extended to 18 months.  I know I am always saying to lots of the parents that I really love seeing them go from tiny babies to actually walking through the studio doors, it is one of my favourite parts. I thought I would share some of the lovely images that this gorgeous little girls parents picked, she

Ayrshire Family Photograph

MPA Cherubs Baby Photographer Ayrshire

We have been in full swing with babies so far this year.  Sam brought Zac in for photographs with the Cherubs Baby Promotion and has now brought in gorgeous Mia.  We caught her off guard and got her to sit down and have a photograph with them, not enough parents do this.  I have said it my self I don’t like photos of me but I will share that with you next!!!  So here are a few photo’s of both Zac and Mia with their beautiful mummy. Ayrshire Family Photograph Baby Photographer Ayrshire, gorgeous baby photograph Cherubs Baby Photograph Ayrshire Baby Photographer,


MPA Cherubs of the Year Baby Photography Competition 2010

It is great to be a Baby Photographer in Ayrshire.  We love to see them as tiny babies and then walking in the front door. The deadline has now passed and all our clients have been entered into this last years MPA Cherubs of the Year Baby Photography Competition with a fabulous £10,000 prize, so good luck to everyone.  There are other prizes to be won and this year a new competition has just been launched and while the main prize is not as big there is still £1000 up for grabs all you need to do is book up

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