Gillian and Peter had the whole wedding at the Gailes Hotel.  The wedding ceremony took place upstairs in the conservatory then everyone made their way down for the reception and dance.  Gillian had chosen absolutely stunning flowers, the Gailes were having a wedding fayre the next day and asked Gillian if they could use them for that as they were so lovely.  Unfortunately the weather was not great but that did not spoil the day at all and we did get outside for about 20 minutes which was more than enough to get some fun, wonderful photo’s of them.  Luckily we were there until the evening reception as well and got some great dancing shots.  We hope they have had a fantastic honeymoon and will be talking very soon

Wedding Gailes Hotel, fun wedding photograph Gillian & Peter

Wedding Ayshire, Gailles Hotel, beautiful wedding photograph Gillian & Peter

Wedding Ayrhsire, Gailles Hotel, fun wedding photograph Gillian & Peter

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