Gillian and Gareth actually had sun shine but don’t be fooled it was freezing.  The Wedding Ceremony took place in St Maurs- Glencairn Parish Church in Kilmaurs followed by the Wedding Reception at the Western House Hotel in Ayr.  We went to Gillian’s parents house while they were all getting ready it was great having Mamma Mia the sing along version playing whilst we were there.  Gillian was absolutely stunning and was happy to be outside and with the sun shine it is hard to tell how cold it really was.  We used the low winter sun at the start of the day with the boys and later again believe it or not you can still get some lovely colours off the winter sunset.  We got some fabulous photographs of Gillian and Gareth but did work very quickly to get them into the warm as soon as possible and back to the guests who did not want to venture out!  Thank you for booking us it really was a pleasure spending the day with you both.

Wedding Kilmaurs, Glencairn Parish Church, Contemporary wedding photograph Gareth and the boys

Wedding Western House Hotel, Ayr, Contemporary Wedding Photograph Gillian & Gareth

Wedding Western House Hotel, Ayr, Traditional Wedding photograph Gillian & Gareth at the car

Wedding Western House Hotel, Ayr, Winter Sunset Gillian & Gareth


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