We had met Carolyn and her mum at our make-over day in the studio in February this year, we were really looking forward to seeing them again so it was lovely to go to Carolyn’s parents house while they were all getting ready and we could not help but smile the whole day.  Carolyn and Colin had their wedding ceremony at the Clark Memorial Church in Largs, we stopped off at Portencross for photographs and then went on to the wedding reception at the Seamill Hydro Hotel.  The photograph of Stephen for his 60th a few posts back (Carolyn’s dad) was a surprise we already knew about at the wedding.  Everyone came back to Seamill including Carolyn and Colin who Stephen thought had already gone on honeymoon.  It was a lovely surprise.

Carolyn beautiful bridal photograph Portencross, wedding Seamill Hydro Hotel

Beautiful wedding photograph Portencross, wedding Seamill Hydro Hotel

Fun wedding photograph Portencross, Wedding Seamill Hydro Hotel

Contemporary wedding photograph, Wedding Largs & Seamill Hydro

The fun carried on all day.

Fun wedding photograph Seamill Hydro Hotel

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