Helen & Robert’s Winter Wedding Photography at Seamill Hydro

Helen & Robert had a fantastic Winter Wedding at Seamill Hydro Hotel.  Unfortunately the weather let us down and we did not get outside at all after the ceremony but that did not spoil their day in any way.  It flew by and thanks to the great service given by Seamill, the fantastic help from Sharon of Opus Couture and the party atmosphere added to by Three Card Trick the whole day could not have been better.  Robert and Helen got to wear the gorgeous dress and do it all again when they went to Ireland. Tom Gibson Photography Wedding Photographer Seamill
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Elaine & Gavin’s Wedding Seamill Hydro, 8th June 08

Elaine and Gavin’s wedding really was full of laughter from start to finish.  I don’t know about their cheeks hurting with smiling but ours certainly were.  The whole wedding took place at Seamill Hydro and ran beautifully, they did have a drive in the sunshine to Portencross where we got some lovely photographs.  So thanks for booking us and letting us be part of such a fun day.  
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